10 tips to cool your dog in summer:

The intense heat can take away the desire to move or eat our pet. Like us, they also need to refresh and activate.


Lavakan tips:

  1. Brush our pets well to remove dead hair that accumulates. We always recommend doing it before bathing, but it is important to do it regularly.
  2.  A bath in Lavakan to activate them! How good a shower suits us humans. The same thing happens to our furry ones, with a bath we help them to activate and feel clean with these heats, they also love it.
  3. Dry it well, also in summer. So that you are happy after the bath and smell better. We recommend automatic drying, the air is scattered throughout the cabin and it does not get so hot. One of the reasons why dogs scrub on the floor is because of the moisture in their hair and wanting to dry it. Not drying it well can lead to skin problems, and bacteria and parasites can find a good place to live.
  4. A lot of hydration: they should always have fresh and clean water. If you go for a walk, always carry water with you.
  5. Do not feed him during the hottest hours.
  6. Avoid very hot surfaces: asphalt or sand can burn your dog’s leg bearings. Avoid overheating or burns. Try to avoid surfaces exposed to the sun for many hours.
  7. Enable shady and well-ventilated places. Especially if they have to stay home for long hours.
  8. Avoid going out for a walk or exercising in the hottest hours. Go out for a walk early or late in the day.
  9. Never leave your pet in the car, we put our pet at risk, you cannot play with heat stroke.
  10. Dip it on the head and trunk to refresh. If you see that he takes many short breaths, it is because he is very hot.


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