Benefits of Lavakan with the arrival of heat and with it, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks

With the arrival of good weather the appearance of
fleas and ticks and with them diseases, infections and irritations. It is
That is why we must be extremely vigilant of our pets.

We tell you how Lavakan protects your furry:

1. Repellent and antiparasitic: natural andiroba oil, prevents flea, tick, mosquito and other insect bites. 100% natural, non-aggressive for the dog’s coat and non-toxic by ingestion

2. Sprayed water: we can bathe our pet up to once a week without having to rub the skin of our animal and thus we can also apply the repellent and antiparasitic shampoo more frequently. With the water spray we do not remove your sebum layer (sebaceous glands) which protects the surface of your skin against germs, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.

3. Ozone therapy: helps sick or problem skin, flea irritations, healing action, helps fight infections, destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

4. Disinfection of the cabin: before each wash, the machine starts a disinfection process to leave the machine clean, free of any pathogens, bacteria, fleas, ticks, among others, that may have been left over from the animal that has taken its bath before .


The importance of drying: if your skin is damp or wet, bacteria and
parasites can find a good place to live in your skin. So, you
We recommend drying your hair well also in good weather.

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