How often should you bathe your pet?

With Lavakan you can bathe your pet up to once a week.

There is no optimal frequency for bathing your pet, but the frequency will depend on the health, breed, smell and habits of each animal.

At Lavakan we have achieved that you can bathe your pet more frequently, without harming its skin or fur and its natural defenses, thanks to the automatic bath in our cabins:

You can now increase the frequency of your pet’s bath, thanks to the automatic bath in our cabins:

The water spray system allows us to bathe our pet without the need to rub their skin, thus avoiding affecting the natural lubrication (sebaceous layer) that protects them. In addition, the fine rain of water spray prevents water from entering the ears and avoiding discomfort and possible infections.
We work with high quality shampoos
At Lavakan we work with shampoos that respect the PH of the skin. Your pet’s skin is not the same as yours, and the products you use don’t have to be either. Shampoos that respect the PH prevent our pet’s skin from drying out and reduce the natural greasiness that protects them.
We have specific shampoos for each type of hair, degreasing shampoo for short hair and with aloe vera for long hair. It depends on the type of hair you will need more or less frequently. Remember to brush often.
Our shampoos are 100% Natural, 100% vegan and free of parabens and silicones.
Our repellent and antiparasitic shampoo, with natural andiroba oil, is not aggressive for the dog’s coat, nor toxic by ingestion. It is 100% natural and 100% vegan.
The decalcified water does not dry out the skin of our pet, it leaves the hair shinier and softer and allows the shampoo to dissolve completely, since it removes calcium and magnesium. Indispensable for atopic skin.

Keep in mind that if you prefer to bathe your pet in manual mode, it is not advisable to bathe it so often, since by rubbing our pets, we would be eliminating natural grease that protects them.

The hygiene of your pet is essential for them, as well as for you and your family, since our pets are exposed every day to catch germs, parasites, viruses and bacteria. Today they are part of our lives and families and they live with us in the same spaces, even on sofas and beds. For all these reasons it is vital to remember the importance of bathing our pets and taking care of their hygiene.

At Lavakan we care about the well-being of your pet and your family, we work to pamper and take care of yours in the best way, thinking about everything that can improve their hygiene and health.


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