Benefits of Lavakan with the arrival of heat and with it, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks

With the arrival of good weather the appearance offleas and ticks and with them diseases, infections and irritations. It isThat is why we must be extremely vigilant of our pets. We tell you how Lavakan protects your furry: 1. Repellent and antiparasitic: natural andiroba oil, prevents flea, tick, mosquito and other insect bites. 100% natural, …

Relaxation techniques in a spa, a proposal on World Dog Day

The spa service for dogs becomes fashionable. It offers, in addition to cleaning and disinfection, a relaxing space for dogs and a treatment adapted to their skin and coat type. It is a proposal on World Dog Day 2020. See the entire Note here – Antena 3 Source –  Fuente Antena 3

When to bathe your puppy for the first time

La mejor manera de acostumbrar a nuestro perro a los baños es hacérselos agradables y hacer que disfruten con la actividad desde bien pequeños. No todos los profesionales están de acuerdo con la edad adecuada para bañar a nuestro cachorro. Algunos veterinarios recomiendan no bañarlos hasta los tres meses, al terminar el primer calendario de vacunas, …

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